So you’re eager to sign up for a radiology rotation,

But there is no radiology department at your school. What now? 

Ask your school or upperclassmen where students have recently done radiology rotations. Sometimes, your school can help facilitate scheduling the rotation. Other times, you will have to set the rotation up yourself using recent preceptors as a lead

These websites provide rotation opportunities nationally for interested students. Start planning early! Applications open between February-May, varying for each program. Most of these rotations are for 4th-year students but some accept 3rd-years. Call/e-mail to confirm if you are able to participate as a 3rd year. My advice for getting the rotations you want is to prepare your applications in advance! Get your LORs in early and other application items in on time. It is KEY to apply for these rotations as early as possible, especially if you are trying to get a rotation in June/July. These spots will fill up fast!

Contact the program coordinator, they are your best friend. Some programs have rotations available that are not on VSLO/Clinician Nexus or offer observerships. Even shadowing for a few days can be beneficial if you’re really interested in the program. You can find program coordinator contact information on residency websites. 

Be professional about this. You can find radiologists in many ways including: doximity, twitter, or simply calling the practices directly. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to physicians from other rotations associated with your program. They might know local radiologists. Lastly, during your inpatient rotations, try to talk to radiologists at the hospital and ask if they might be able to host you for a rotation. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear back! 

Congratulations, you found a rotation! Now you can relax, right? 

Additional rotation resources are on the Rotations Page

Erina Quinn, DO

Chair of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion